Getting Smarter

After my break through with Hope, not only was I ready for the crazies, I was preemptive. All  yesterday Hope stayed right with me. She did get annoyed late yesterday afternoon when I was talking to GB and not her. She started to write on herself and I was immediately on it. I told her sit on her mat. She gave me a flat out “NO”. When I told her she could comply or she could skip her Friday field trip, she sat down. In less than a minute she was trying to bite me. I restrained her and she raged. It only lasted a half hour or so and then she relaxed and we cuddled. She wouldn’t eat again, so I put her to bed. This morning I was ready for her. As soon as she was dressed, she was sitting until I was ready for my day. She was with me while I made breakfast, made GB lunch, and did GB’s hair. She held my hand while we walked out to the driveway and waited for the bus. As the bus pulled up, she smiled at me and said “I love you Mama”. Now, a six hour breather.

2 thoughts on “Getting Smarter

  1. I understand only some of what you are going through. Mine will turn on me the instant he doesn't get his way. So glad you are making headway with Hope.

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