Not For the Squimish or Prudish

When we adopted Hope, hyper-sexuality was one of her known issues. Corey warned me that I really had no idea what to expect. She was SO right. Hope has herself so raw we made a trip to the doctors yesterday. Hope cheerfully stripped and opened her legs. The doctor carefully examined her raw on the outside privates, then did an internal exam, carefully documenting what she found. It didn’t phase Hope at all. I could have cried. The doctor talked to Hope about how she could hurt herself and that she should only use her hand and not do it too often. Hope told her she had to.

Since she is kept under very close supervision, Hope now masturbates through her clothes, using her foot, chairs, other peoples legs and who knows what else I have missed. At least it is documented for the inevitable report to CPS. Stopping Hope while she is masturbating results in a full blown rage.

The doctor shook her head and said she had no idea how to stop Hope. She warned me to protect GB. As if I needed to be warned.

9 thoughts on “Not For the Squimish or Prudish

  1. Fudge uses the carpet through his clothes as well, we have removed him fromt he room, put him the bathroom/bedroom and set a timer telling him that we expect him to use that time and private space to make himself feel good, it makes him angry that we remove him but he does it a lot less in front of the family now and gets that it is a private activity – thankfully he's a boy if you know what I mean. Hugs, what a crappy reality for you and for her.

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