Finding Balance

When you have special needs kids, finding balance is important. You don’t want to make their world unnecessarily small, while you also don’t want to push them beyond what they can handle. It is an issue in big things like school and in less important  things, like activities. GB’s widely scattered abilities make finding this balance even more difficult.

Last night, GB tried out a new gymnastics class. The class she is in will not exist in September and her NT “friends” are moving on to other activities- activities that just aren’t doable for GB at this point. I am sad that she will lose weekly contact with these girls, after almost five years of having them as a regular part of her life. Fortunately, GB still enjoys gymnastics. Unfortunately, our safe, small, non-competitive gym will only have one class that is appropriate  for her. It is their “team” class. They don’t compete, but the class is 90 minutes long and has a dance component. The girls in this class take their gymnastics  seriously. There is only one girl who is more skilled than GB and  one girl  her age already there. GB didn’t have a problem with any of the girls- I think they are so focused on what they are doing themselves, GB’s differences didn’t make the radar screen. It probably helped that she was noticeably younger than most of them. It is almost a $1000 for a year of this class and I am reluctant to lay that kind of money out when I am not sure it will work. Maybe we will try the class again in a couple of weeks.

One of GB’s talents is gymnastics. I want to let her develop her strength. It is not good for her if all we ever do is try to shore up her weaknesses.

One thought on “Finding Balance

  1. Uh-oh, gymnastics is my thing, you know! I think it is a great sport/activity especially for not so typical kids, they are my favorite to coach. I think it is good for their brain/body connection and so forth. I also really think there is so much good that gymnastics teaches kids. So MUCH, how to set and obtain goals, how to face fears, that one much work hard to obtain their goals and on and on. (I said this IS MY thing) and being that there may not be so many areas of her life that GB will have an opportunity to excel in, this might be worth pursuing while she is interested. Of course that is just my opinion and I am biased. I love to see kids shine!

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