Dejavù All Over Again

My conversation with Superintendent yesterday was suppose to end the saga of the bus aide. He assured me he made it clear to the owner that professionalism would be required and that there would be no kind of contact permitted. The girls came home on the bus today. This time, Hope came off in tears. She cried because the bus driver will no longer allow them to sit together. The aide told her to knock off the noise. GB told the aide she couldn’t talk to her sister like that. The aide followed the girls off the bus, glared at me, and snarled  that she never touched no kid. I am feeling real reassured that everything is taken care of. I have to start all over tomorrow. This time I will start at the superintendent and go from there.

9 thoughts on “Dejavù All Over Again

  1. I wonder if the horrible bus aide we had a few years ago moved up to your district. … Why do people who have such a need to be in charge get jobs as bus AIDES? (Probably because they can't work under direct supervision, like at a fast-food place.)

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