Yesterday afternoon I was invited to an impromptu meeting about Hope. They wanted to discuss upping her meds because of her acting out. I asked if her acting out had been dangerous to her or others. They said no. I pointed out Hope was in a class for behaviorally disordered children.  I told them I thought Hope’s acting out in school was a good thing, because now they could deal with the feelings that are driving the behavior. Then I told them medication was my decision, not theirs. What I wanted to tell them was “Mind Your Own Business”, do your job, I don’t home school, so why is this my fifth trip here this week, etc, etc. I am tired.

5 thoughts on “MYOB

  1. BRAVO!! Where does the school get off talking about meds? Do they have a psychiatrist on staff? I had a school nurse make med recommendations once. The next day I marched in to the school office with a written letter rescinding my authorization for them to get records on meds and med adjustments from the psychiatrist. They are now limited to psych evaluations only.

  2. I'm feeling very cynical today, but I suddenly thought of "One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest". … Next time, you can look at them and say "Or maybe you would prefer if I got her a lobotomy?"

  3. They have NO right to assume all she needs is to increase her meds. That is such a slippery slope and I applaud you for standing up for what you believe to be necessary.

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