Something Different: A Kiss

Hope in Michigan

Hope woke up this morning exactly the same as she went to bed- mad! She started raging because GB’s skirt fit GB beautifully. I asked her why she was mad, a question I have asked a million times before. She told me she didn’t know- which is unusual. She usually keeps on raging. It has happened before though. I waited 30 seconds or so, and when she was still looking at me I asked her if maybe she was mad that she had to change families. Not the first time I have asked that question, either. The difference was this time she looked me in the eyes and said “Yes”. Such a simple word, with so much behind it. We cuddled for five minutes without any more words. She got ready for school and had breakfast with no problems. I took both girls to the bus stop. Hope was out of the car and getting on the bus when she turned around and ran back to me. I am thinking “What now?”. She ran back and said  “I didn’t give you a kiss”, kissed me, and ran to the bus with a smile on her face.  These are the moments that keep me going.

10 thoughts on “Something Different: A Kiss

  1. WOW!!!! I know how much you needed that! A glimmer of hope and healing!!! I hope she doesn't pay you back for it double this afternoon, but I bet you'll still think it was worth it!

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