Hope, GB, and Michigan

J and my lovely DIL
MK and Mali

X, GB and Mali dancing
GB and play dough ice cream


 No Hope pictures today šŸ˜¦      I chose not to take any Hope pictures today. Read on.

It is snowing in Michigan. I look out the window and I see beautiful trees, naked except for the snow clinging to them. I would guess that this is the most peaceful part of my day as I am the only one up.

Hope continues her three week tirade. Yesterday, she spent the majority of her time screeching, telling people they were stupid, and shouting that nobody loved her because she wasn’t being hugged. The biting returned, the punching continued, and The Dad and I spent the day trading her off  as each of us tired. As soon as she was done not eating her dinner, she was put to bed. She continued to carry on while the rest of the family cheered each other on with a M*chael J*ckson dance game. GB and X did great and J is a born ham. Even MK and one of my granddaughters took a turn. It was such a good family activity, I might even be persuaded to get a *WI* šŸ™‚

GB’s stability improves daily on the Invega. She is at 3 mg at night. We have her completely off the Geodon and are starting to wean her off the Lithium. We may be able to keep her stable on one dose of Invega at night. God is good.

4 thoughts on “Hope, GB, and Michigan

  1. There are a lot of good family games for wii. We LOVE Hasbro Family Game Night. Board games, minus all the small pieces (read: nothing to throw at mom when you are losing…) and they all have "quick game" options. Hoping today is better for you and for Hope. *hugs*

  2. It's wonderful to hear how well GB is doing on Invega. I wish we would find something for Noah where we would actually see the improvement and feel comfortable about what we are doing. Instead it seems to take months until we actually believe it is helping, or we don't realize it until we try and take him off.

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