I no likey RAD

Today we leave for Michigan. Everybody is excited, including Hope. However, this journey requires us to leave the house. Hope no likey that.

Hope, in general, is having a tough time. She still hasn’t bitten anyone in going on three months. Progress. Our “new normal” now includes screeching, quivering lip fake crying, defiance, choosing not to an inability to do anything she is asked, “You don’t love me” many, many times a day, kicking doors, punching windows, and  making the choice not to/ inability to have  a good day. As GB gets more and more stable (yea Invega!), she does not allow Hope to set her up as much. That, coupled with Hope still having to stay with me or the Dad at all times, has taken away Hope’s favorite stress relief- setting off GB. Hope currently does not seem to have any other ways of coping. Fortunately, all of this is showing itself in therapy. The better GB looks, the more rigid and controlling Hope is. Now that it is out there, it is easier to work on.

This morning Hope is sitting by herself, because that appears to be the only thing she can handle as we get ready to go. Yesterday was a day of multiple rages, including trying to kick the windows of the car out. This morning, she was off and running by seven am. Today, we are hoping to be nine hours closer to Michigan by bed time. That requires nine hours in the car with Hope. I no likey RAD.

8 thoughts on “I no likey RAD

  1. Oh, my, you are a brave woman! I used to dream of road trips with my son… and actually we had one successful one just a few months after he came home… but I can't even imagine 9 hours in a car with him!! I hope it went well! Or, at least, that all the windows remained attached to the car!

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