What Trigger?

Today, I bit the bullet and went shoe shopping after school. GB chose a pair of shiny black sneakers with neon designs all over them and a dog charm. Hope chose sneakers similar to GB’s except they were white and had a cat charm. Hope also got black Merrill’s because she had outgrown hers. GB’s Merrill’s still fit. I bought first walker’s for my grandson. It took us an hour, but nobody melted down, which is pretty good for a Friday afternoon.

We arrived home and Hope started the Wango Tango. Why? Because nobody loved her. Didn’t make sense to me either and after twenty minutes of getting no where, I finally sat her on the couch and let her Wango Tango, figuring she would get it out of her system eventually. She never really let it go, and now she is sleeping. I never figured out what the trigger was, so I am hoping for the best- that tomorrow is a new day and Hope will think so, too.

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