Why I Will Never Take a Shower Again

I am a champion in the quick shower division. After thirty years of adopting and fostering special needs kids, I have to be. I wear my hair really short so that washing it eats up 30 seconds or less of my allotted five minutes. I usually come in under four minutes. Since the Dad leaves for work before the kids stir, my shower has to be a masterpiece of time management.

GB is the first to wake. She gets herself dressed for school (elastic waist only), takes her medicine, brushes her teeth, then goes downstairs to let Ellie out. After Ellie is done with her business, GB feeds her, puts her in her crate, and comes upstairs. I usually start my shower as GB leaves the bathroom and am done when she comes back upstairs. I then begin the arduous process of getting Hope out to school.

That is not how it worked this morning. As I was rinsing my hair, Hope came in to use the toilet. I stuck my head out of the shower and reminded Hope to use the toilet and NOT touch anything. This was necessary because on Saturday she was permitted to use the toilet by herself and she got out the spray cleaner with bleach and sprayed my good bath sheets and ruined them. I was out of the shower in less than two minutes. In that time, Hope filled the toilet with a roll lots of toilet tissue and quickly flushed three times. Before I had a (regular) towel around me, the bathroom was three quarters flooded. I quickly mopped up the mess with towels, trying to contain the problem. I can’t do anything without a cane yet, so my efforts in plunging were futile. It is the master bath, the one with the raised toilet seat, the ONLY one I am allowed to use.

I do not need a shower that bad. Ever. This is Day 14. I am beginning to fear that this will be our new normal for a while.

11 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Take a Shower Again

  1. I think it must be something in the air. I don't think I took a shower until about 9:30pm every night during spring break. I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one that doesn't let my daughter be in the bathroom by herself. Every time I give her the privilege she does something to loss it again.

  2. Funny, bathroom stuff must be on the list for RAD kids this month! My *mostly* healed RAD put about a half a rool of TP in the toilet and then let his full tilt RAD sis take the fall… he is making it right as I type… and probably will be most of the day. Sorry your Monday is starting out as craptastic as mine! (Pun fully well intended) Love you! And you are definitely NOT alone this morning!

  3. Oh boy. Or oh girl. Does she have an alarm on her door? I take my shower while V is in her room in the morning (alarm on the door). There is little she can do to get into trouble in there, and I get my shower. I would let GB out of the room first, since she is not safe with GB at the moment. One in, one out.

  4. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading this post. I thought I had a headached when my dog unrolled all the toilet paper and proceeded down the hall with one end, while the rest of the paper rolled, and rolled, and rolled. At least we didn't have the water. PearlsGirl

  5. Wow, I don't know how you manage. i couldn't start the day without a shower, my problem is getting aspie boy to take one, and finding the energy to give one to my dd with cerebral palsy. Both take time and patience, but don't usually result in a flood (Over from Blog Gems)

  6. Isn't that always how it goes. Things can be going great and the the minute you are not in the immediate area all hell breaks loose. I have had to plunge entire rolls of toilet paper out of our toilet many, many times.Thanks for participating in Blog Gems!

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