Still Hope

We are on Day 12 of Hope’s latest tirade. I don’t know how many meltdowns she had today, probably because I don’t want to. She  finally managed to alienate MK. 45 minutes into the rage that landed her in bed, MK tried to contain her, with the baby in her arms. Not a good idea.  The Dad lost his cool, but he has been taking the brunt of Hope any time he is home. I had no trouble taking over. She didn’t get a rise out of me, but I have to admit I wasn’t feeling much empathy either. Hope is asleep and most of my furniture is intact. Fortunately, one thing we have been good at is giving a fresh start every morning.

I let Hope go swimming this afternoon, even though I didn’t think it was a good idea. Tomorrow, Hope will be next to one of us all day. We are staying home from church and aiming for boredom. And this time, I will not have MK fighting me.

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