Working on Changes

I need to make changes so that GB survives our adventure in adding to our family.

  • Hope and GB are in separate gymnastic classes.
  • I called the MHA today to set up ten hours of out-of home respite a month for Hope. 
  • I have an appointment with GB’s case manager Tuesday to go over the services available for her.
  • GB’s old daycare provider, who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in Sept. 2009, called and said she was feeling well enough to do evening and weekend respite at her place. GB is thrilled!
  • I signed GB up for Challenger Softball without Hope.
  • Hope and the Dad are signed up for special needs swim lessons together on Saturday mornings.
  • The Dad spoke with the therapist yesterday. She will start doing sibling work with the two of them next week- back to back, so no extra driving AND she made it clear that fair did not mean the same.
  • I am considering separate bedrooms for the girls, at least for a while. I am not sure exactly how, but with a 6 bedroom house, it should be possible. Still need to convince the Dad.

3 thoughts on “Working on Changes

  1. Separate bedrooms sound like a great idea. Siblings, even if they have lived together their entire lives in a stable environment, can be bitter enemies, competing for EVERYTHING. My aunt was the only child until my mom came along eight years later. My aunt was not at all pleased to have a baby sister, so much so that she tried to throw her out of a second story window. Things never got much better between them.My husband and his next-youngest brother were intensely competitive growing up. There was no attempted defenestration, like with my aunt and my mom, but there did not get along and have been estranged for years.Except for my BIL, who is bipolar, all these people had no neurological or emotional disabilities. They just didn't like their siblings.It must be very difficult. I, for one, am glad to be a singleton.

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