A New Beginning

GB is now under the care of the new psychiatrist. We are weaning her off the Geodon and then hopefully the Lithium. She starts on Invega (1.5 mg) as soon as the drug store gets them in. The druggist said it is expensive, about twice as much as the Geodon, which ran about $1400 a month. It is the latest and greatest, so  am hoping that our insurance company (which doesn’t like L & G) will cover it without a battle. It is chemically similar to Risperdal, but the rate of side effect is only 4% – much better than Risperdal’s record. We will have to go for regular blood work, but that is a small price to pay for stability.

Keeping GB close to me helped GB a lot. She was much more grounded. However, the better GB did, the more Hope struggled. The shrink this morning was not surprised. She expected it. She also said that the more comfortable Hope got, the more refined the sneakiness would become. She is going to speak to the girls’ therapist on Wednesday. She also recommended that we start sibling therapy for them. I don’t know where we can fit it in or even who does it, but I will start working on it tomorrow.  She also recommended that I continue to keep GB right by me and continue to prohibit access to the girls by people who don’t get it.

I sent GB’s bio grandmother this link which has Brenda’s letter to grandparents of RADishes and she read it. I saw a big difference in her interactions with the girls when we went swimming Saturday. Thank you Brenda 🙂

I am hopeful we can meet GB’s needs as we sloooowly integrate Hope into our family.

2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. is it at all possible to separate the girls in their sleeping/bedroom space? It's been a struggle for us to have such limited living room space but the payoff has been huge. Sissy needs her own space to decompress and WG needs to feel safe. I have a feeling the same must be true for Hope and GB. you are doing an amazing job.

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