Help for GB

GB had her last appointment with the new psychiatrist last night. The Dad and I meet with the new shrink on Monday, without GB, to makes medication changes.

Medication changes are not the only thing that was done to help GB. The shrink spent 45 minutes with GB and unlike the play therapist, listened to what GB was saying. When the Dad joined them. the shrink asked GB to share with her Dad what she had shared with the shrink. GB refused. The shrink told the Dad that the top priorities are 1) getting GB stable on medication and 2) the effect of Hope. The shrink said we will talk about it Monday. I will be there.

After the appointment was done, the Dad took GB to the Olive Garden, her favorite place to eat. They had a long, leisurely dinner, and GB had her Dad’s undivided attention. She came home more regulated than I have seen her in weeks. It took less than 45 minutes to settle her down last night and she woke up in a reasonable space, even with a two hour snow delay.

Hope, on the other hand, gave MK a ride for her money… tears, screaming, arms crossed; and neither GB nor I were involved  🙂

We can do ANYTHING until Monday.

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