Manic Monday

Court was this morning and I survived. So did the baby. MK and Boo? That’s posted on the other blog.

I used the last hour to get in touch with GB’s therapist at school. She  said she has seen the increased physical tension in her body for over two months, but GB won’t talk about it. I told her about GB’s increasing inability to handle Hope’s manipulations. I told her about my being away for surgery hasn’t helped She told me GB had mentioned seeing her birth mother.

The day I was operated on, GB’s bio-grands had picked her and Hope up from the bus and took them back to their house. While they were there, GB’s BM showed up, with her son. I knew nothing about this until well after the fact. This weekend GB asked me to help her talk to Grandma and Grandpa. I asked what she wanted to talk about. She said she didn’t like seeing BM at their house and she wanted to tell them not to do it anymore but she was afraid they would be mad. I promised her as soon as I was able to manage it, we would go talk to her grandparents. One more thing she did not need to deal with, especially right now.

The therapist at school is going to spend more one-on-one time with GB. I told her if she needed the IEP amended for more sessions a week to let me know. Today I wouldn’t mind blowing at someone, and the Very Stupid Chairperson would make a great target.

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