HUH ?!?

I expected a huge meltdown from Hope this morning. The Dad took GB out for breakfast before school. Hope did not get to go, because she spent yesterday not doing her homework. I refuse to fight the HW battle. I told Hope twice she was making a poor decision and the HW would have to get done.  She tried to engage me and I refused to play. GB ignored her and got her HW done. At bed time, I gave Hope her medication and told her to get ready for bed. She did the wango tango because her HW wasn’t done. It was exactly the same homework she has been doing for three weeks. I pointed that out to her and reminder her she could have chosen to have it done in less then 15 minutes, but she spent 45 minutes choosing not to do it. The HW would be there in the morning.

I put Hope to bed (no Dad last night) and read with GB until Hope was asleep. I wasn’t looking forward to this morning, but was ready for it. Hope woke up, came to me, and asked where GB and Daddy were. I told her they went out to breakfast. She very calmly asked why she didn’t get to go and when I reminded her about the undone HW, she said Oh yeah. That was it. She was cooperative with the whole morning routine, ate breakfast without any attitude, and spent about three minutes finishing her HW. She couldn’t find her shoes, which is usually good for a meltdown all by itself, but she just spent ten minutes looking- no frustration, no hissy fit. GB and The Dad came back, and Hope was all smiles and wanted a hug.

Ten minutes later it was time to go out to the bus. We gathered book bags and put on coats. I zippered Hope’s coat up and she went off. She wanted to do it herself and she wasn’t very nice about it. She undid the zipper and I went to zip GB up. Hope realized she couldn’t zip the coat up by herself. The rage I expected an hour earlier swooped in and caught me by surprise. Such is life.

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