GB’s play date went well yesterday. She came home in reasonable shape and went to bed easily. Hope had a tough afternoon. I don’t know if she missed GB, was jealous that GB had a play date and she didn’t, or maybe she couldn’t take an hour and a half with  it just being the two of us. We picked GB up a couple of hours later and Hope was dysregulated for  the rest of the night.

This morning, both girls woke up in very hyper states. Bingo at the girls school was tonight and they both wacked out about it. The noise, being left behind by the caller, and all the people made it very difficult. We lasted two regular BINGO games and one of corner’s (and  I was surprised we made it that long). The girls enjoyed it until they didn’t, and then we went home. The girls counted it as a success. I can’t wait for the next NT event at school.  NOT!

One thought on “B-I-N-G-O

  1. I need to look up dysregulated because I often think my oldest niece could have some emotional control issues. I do not know if that makes sense. Anyhow I hope the next few days are smoother for you and the girls.

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