Being a Family of Four


This weekend, The Dad, the girls, and I went for an overnight at the water park. Just us- our sub-family of

four. The park was empty and the rooms were cheap (Thank you, Super Bowl Sunday). GB always relaxes in water. Hope has never seen anything like it. Last night she told me there was no fun in Texas. She thought a minute and added maybe New York just kept all the fun to its self. We went with the sole purpose of keeping the trip low key and enjoyable. Two of us, two girls- neither girl had to do any activity they didn’t want to. Hope had a couple of rough hours this morning. She woke up growling, and was not cooperative with either of us. The Dad and I focused on GB and let Hope and her ‘tude to themselves. After  a couple of hours, Hope came to me, with her ‘tude, and announced I didn’t like her. I told her I liked her fine, it was the attitude I was not dealing with. Several minutes later, Hope came back, apologized, and showed me her improved attitude. It lasted until we got home. Hope’s attitude came back before gymnastics, but keeping her out of the start of the class reset her attitude. GB had the best gymnastic class of the year. GB lasted to bedtime, but needed some help settling in. All around, it worked out well. It may become a new family tradition.

Hope tries something new without a meltdown
Scooby Snacks

GB and her Dad

3 thoughts on “Being a Family of Four

  1. So glad y'all had fun! Water therapy has always been one of my fav ways to spend the day. Plus the littles conk out and sleep so well at the end of the day. Gotta love that!

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