The Bad and the Good

The Bad

  • The pipe supplying water to the kids toilet froze. As everyone came in from church, MK was first to the toilet and took forever, which left The Dad and the two girls doing the I-got-to-pee dance.
  • The garbage disposal sprung a huge leak. Not only was there a huge mess to clean up, but it will cost $850.00 to replace it. For a garbage disposal unit? Not only that, but the leak stays until the unit is replaced.
  • The dishwasher water arm melted, leaving no spray coming out, hence no dishes are getting washed. I haven’t a clue how much a new dishwasher will cost, but since this one is almost twelve years old, I don’t think I will get it repaired. In the mean time somebody (me) has to find time to wash dishes.
  • The dog vomited up all his food this morning and I had two hairballs from the cats. Yuck!
  • I have to take GB for an EKG tomorrow because the shrink won’t try her on Geodon without one.
  • GB’s goodie bag from her party yesterday was full of silver tinsel.

The Good

  • GB gets a new shrink in March.
  • MK filled out the papers for child support and may even file them tomorrow.
  • The plumber is coming Tuesday morning.
  • My fireplace repairman got my gas logs going again šŸ™‚
  • The ticket for Orlando is already paid for, so I am going regardless of how many appliances break. 

One thought on “The Bad and the Good

  1. Frozen *and* melted? Are you sure you don't have a plubming gremlin? (We used to. Haven't heard from it in a while … hmmm, can they travel by ether?)And yea. The Dad works. So do you. But you've got 2 other sets of grown-up arms around. You know my philosophy. Unless you cooked the meal, did the dishes, paid for the food or are under the age of 10, you can't eat here … [Shhh! Don't tell my husband though 'cause I probably could only eat a few times a week around here.]

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