Tuesday Therapy

On Tuesdays we go to the Little City to see the therapist. It is a little far (an hour each way), a little late (therapy is 5 to 6:30), but my gut says it is worth it. My head is wondering. Hope went in first today and when she came out, the therapist motioned one of us in. I stayed with Hope and the Dad went with the therapist. Hope gave me her biggest I*Got*You smile and informed me that the therapist was going to tell us that she could call her Texas mother. Sure enough, when the Dad came out and I sent Hope to the bathroom, the Dad reported that the therapist was concerned that not letting Hope call her Texas mother was traumatizing her and we should allow contact. Sigh. Who knows?

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Therapy

  1. Wow. See, and that right there would make me not be available for such a call till like next Monday.Has this therapist not realized that Hope is RAD and playing her like a cheap fiddle?*hugs*

  2. Oh my. I whine about our 35 minute drive to therapy, and not getting home until after 5pm. That is a major time commitment! Although, I agree with Kristin- it sounds like the therapist might need to look up "triangulating".

  3. Well well well – If I were in your shoes, I would not allow her to call her Texas mother, now. Wait a bit, and if you do allow her to call, make sure it is on YOUR terms, not Hope's. Hopefully the therapist will soon see the RAD play.

  4. I'm confused…is this the same therapist that diagnosed her with RAD? If so, why does she see her alone?I'm with everyone else…me thinks the therapist has just been played.

  5. I feel like I've missed something. You never indicated that Hope was talking about her TX family.Even so, I've got to wonder how much of Hope's history that therapist is remembering. Hello? The mom is the one who created all the trauma in the first place? She's not going back, she has a new family? Further trauma surrounding TX-not-even-birth mom will happen whether there is a phone call or not … and my uneducated instincts say the last, the LAST thing you want is to have TX mom crying to Hope about how sorry she is. Maybe when Hope is significantly older / healed. … That call would be all about mom …Thinking hugs to you.

  6. sounds like she is playing the therapist, why is she goin in there alone? I do not htink that contacting her is going to do Hope any good at this point, she needs to mourn her and move on, there is really no other way as she is not going ot come and rescue her fromt he AMAZING parents that she has now.

  7. My rad gal plays with therapists and psrs…it's such a waste of time either they are. Picking at her emotional scars or she is messing with there minds

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