Building towards Christmas

We are in North Myrtle Beach and my oldest son, J, and his family joined us Monday. My sister and her family arrive tomorrow. Hope has regressed quite a bit and is forcing us to keep her directly with us at all times. GB and X are thrill to see each other and they complete each others’ thoughts 75% of the time. The rest of the time, well… They need a lot of alone time, each with an adult that can help them regulate. The older kids think we are overreacting one minute and want to know why we have a raging child twenty minutes later. The older crew are pulling their weight so far and I think that we are as ready as we are going to be to add my sisters five and her dog tomorrow. I am sleeping in front of the fireplace. That way, I can see and hear everything, especially the teens.

This is Sandy. She was totally Mom’s dog before she passed. She is a Labordoodle.

My mattress was set up in front of the fire place, in the middle of the great room.

MK and Mali

Hope enjoyed the wide open spaces as the ocean, and seems to be a water magnet, as well as a dirt magnet.

X and Hope- a year and a day apart.

Funny Faces

Two peas in a pod!

GB really is attached to Hope.

Mali with his Grandpa

So Cute !

Uncooperative Bunch

Best we could manage.

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