Season’s Greetings

Tomorrow, we leave to join my family for Christmas. I still have my sister and for that I am very grateful. My son and his family are coming. I really hope the adult who visited in July is the son who comes for Christmas. The girls are wound tight and can’t wait to leave. Hope opened her gifts from her ex family and liked them and left them. It has 5 hours since she opened them and there hasn’t been any residual damage.

MK and I are coming to an understanding, of sorts. Every time she says something unkind or negative about GB, I simply remind her that GB is my child, just like Mali is hers. She has been much more careful about what she says.

Hope had a meltdown in the waiting room, when it was her time to come out and GB’s turn to go in. Full blown, spitting, screaming, and trying to bite. I quickly got her into a level one hold and kept her there. A woman in the waiting room was very annoyed. She told me if he (Hope) couldn’t behave any better in her waiting room, I would have to take him (Hope) outside. It was 17 degrees out there and the building is located on a three lane highway. I had lots of answers running through my head, but none of them were nice and I do try very hard to be a good role model. I said to the woman, “I don’t think so” and put my attention back where it belonged, on Hope. The rage passed (they all eventually do) and Hope climbed on my lap for cuddles.

Blessings to all during this holiday season. Remember to be grateful for the family you have to celebrate with- they are a gift from God and don’t come with a warranty. Treasure them while they are here.

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