Almost Out of Here

The trailer is packed and the only thing left is the routine packing up after two weeks “vacation”. So far this morning, Hope threw a hunk of wood at GB and missed, and the girls  sneaked into an empty room with a walk in closet and proceeded to nail polish themselves, the books they made and their sneakers. They are now confined to the great room with me and I am not getting anything done. I am waiting on clothes in the dryer. My sister’s tonight for New Years Eve and home bound after lunch tomorrow. I depend on family and they depend on me, but it was a long two weeks and it will be REALLY good to get home again.

Long Day

GB’s shrink has decided to add Zyprexa to her medication regime. I am not completely sold, but the only other choice he gave me was Seroquel, and I have had too many kids react very poorly to Seroquel to even consider trying GB on it. He called it into the drugstore at home, so we probably will not start it until Sunday night.

The girls had a difficult day today. Most of us were sorting and packing stuff. There were people in and out all day and anytime I was engaged in the sorted, they slipped away to unpack boxes so they could take “treasures” home. My sister and I understand each other very well and there is little friction over where different items are going, but the extended family members are very sure what they are entitled to, and that tends to be energy draining. The girls have been away from home for almost 2 weeks and they really need to get back to their home and routine. I wish I could click my heels three times and end up at home.

Christmas Pictures

Christmas PJs 2010

Hopes PJ bottoms didn’t make it to picture time. A fitting end to our year. The Risperdal held GB for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was very low key. Each person had two presents to open and each child also received a stocking. People went out visiting in the afternoon, but nobody was invited here. My girls stayed home. New Post on other blog.

Christmas Eve

I am both happy and struggling with my son being here for Christmas. I felt so bad for GB’s struggles yesterday that I chose to put her back on Risperdal last night. I will continue it through tomorrow night so at least she will be able to enjoy Christmas. The difference between yesterday without Risperdal and today with it was dramatic.

Today they finished their shopping, went to the park, decorated the tree, and went to the beach. K and Danae tried to save the Beta fish that had been feed Froot Loops. Garrett and Hope tried to feed the koi before the ice melted. After dinner we chose to skip Christmas Eve Service. Instead, my BIL read the Christmas verses from Matthew and Luke to the family. We talked about how historical data suggests Joseph was a stone mason, not a carpenter. It held most of the younger ones attention. The little ones are now asleep, while the teens have a ping pong tournament going on. Since everybody is done wrapping, snacks and Fried Green Tomatoes are on the agenda.

GB cleans up her beach treasures.

Hope shows her off.

My handsome grandson, X

The Dad helps.

X likes little bits of paper almost as much as GB

K and Danae try to save a Beta fish who was fed Froot Loops

Hope and Danae getting in the spirit

Elly, Hope and GB

X can’t wait

The crew is ready for ornaments.

Danae always takes care.

Speechless BIL (my favorite pose)

Our 2010 Tree

Hope likes breakfast

Garrett and Hope try to feed koi- it would be easier if they waited for the ice to melt.

Waddles, Josiah, and my sister, Lynn

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Building towards Christmas

We are in North Myrtle Beach and my oldest son, J, and his family joined us Monday. My sister and her family arrive tomorrow. Hope has regressed quite a bit and is forcing us to keep her directly with us at all times. GB and X are thrill to see each other and they complete each others’ thoughts 75% of the time. The rest of the time, well… They need a lot of alone time, each with an adult that can help them regulate. The older kids think we are overreacting one minute and want to know why we have a raging child twenty minutes later. The older crew are pulling their weight so far and I think that we are as ready as we are going to be to add my sisters five and her dog tomorrow. I am sleeping in front of the fireplace. That way, I can see and hear everything, especially the teens.

This is Sandy. She was totally Mom’s dog before she passed. She is a Labordoodle.

My mattress was set up in front of the fire place, in the middle of the great room.

MK and Mali

Hope enjoyed the wide open spaces as the ocean, and seems to be a water magnet, as well as a dirt magnet.

X and Hope- a year and a day apart.

Funny Faces

Two peas in a pod!

GB really is attached to Hope.

Mali with his Grandpa

So Cute !

Uncooperative Bunch

Best we could manage.

Season’s Greetings

Tomorrow, we leave to join my family for Christmas. I still have my sister and for that I am very grateful. My son and his family are coming. I really hope the adult who visited in July is the son who comes for Christmas. The girls are wound tight and can’t wait to leave. Hope opened her gifts from her ex family and liked them and left them. It has 5 hours since she opened them and there hasn’t been any residual damage.

MK and I are coming to an understanding, of sorts. Every time she says something unkind or negative about GB, I simply remind her that GB is my child, just like Mali is hers. She has been much more careful about what she says.

Hope had a meltdown in the waiting room, when it was her time to come out and GB’s turn to go in. Full blown, spitting, screaming, and trying to bite. I quickly got her into a level one hold and kept her there. A woman in the waiting room was very annoyed. She told me if he (Hope) couldn’t behave any better in her waiting room, I would have to take him (Hope) outside. It was 17 degrees out there and the building is located on a three lane highway. I had lots of answers running through my head, but none of them were nice and I do try very hard to be a good role model. I said to the woman, “I don’t think so” and put my attention back where it belonged, on Hope. The rage passed (they all eventually do) and Hope climbed on my lap for cuddles.

Blessings to all during this holiday season. Remember to be grateful for the family you have to celebrate with- they are a gift from God and don’t come with a warranty. Treasure them while they are here.