Getting Ready to Turn Five!

Hope tuns 5 years old 7days from today. Her party is on Saturday. She wanted a gymnastic one  like her friend Mya. We are letting her have a scaled down version: my 2, my girlfriends 2, a little girl in GB’s class, a foster child who has been coming over to swim for years and we invited her 11 classmates. So far, 1 child from her class has accepted. Texas family sent blocks and want to talk to her on her birthday. We spoke to Hope’s therapist, who suggested we allow Hope the package and tell her who it is from, but as Hope never asks about them, she is not ready for the intimate contact of a phone call. I imagine that will not go over well.

Hope actually sat in the white chair without needing any physical help to get there. I know it was only once, but if it happened once. it could happen again.

I gave GB her PRN last night and she slept 11 solid hours. She had a much better day. The shrink also upped the lithium by 150 mg  a day. I gave her the PRN again tonight, just to let her body catch up to her mania. We will try Friday without it, because she can sleep in Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Turn Five!

  1. I agree in not allowing Hope to receive a call from TX family. She is only just now starting to show signs of improvement with the rages. I wouldn't even tell her who the gift was from…if it were me.

  2. I have to admit it seems like those blocks may well become missles if the past is brought into it.I used to feel a little sorry for the Texas family, but no more. They can't have their cake and eat it too. And that party doesn't seem very scaled down to me. But I've never enjoyed a room full of kids who were high on birthday cake.

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