Not Fun

After 5 days of GB taking 3+ hours to fall asleep and waking up multiple times during the night, I do not think this manic is going anywhere soon. I emailed the shrink (psychiatrist), reporting what was going on and saying we need a change in meds. I also have an appointment with a new shrink, about an hour away, this evening. The Dad and I are considering using her for both girls. She is associated with the therapist we are using for Hope. I think I want to get GB in with the therapist, also.

Hope is having mixed days with GB being manic. Currently, Hope mimics everything GB says and does. This makes Hope look, to the casual observer, manic. She also seems to resent any attention GB gets and works hard at being in the spot light.

The school wants to start mainstreaming her. They don’t get RAD.  Time to reconvene the CSE. It gets so old after a while…

3 thoughts on “Not Fun

  1. Hugs!Why can't schools get that just because they aren't seeing it (mostly because they aren't looking) that doesn't mean it doesn't exist?!We also continually have to deal with them trying to mainstream our kids. Why can't they understand that my kids can't learn when they are stressed?!Hugs and prayers,Mary in TX

  2. Mainstreaming which girl? The one who only knows "now" and "not now" or the one who can't reliably count to 4?What I've started to want to add to the phrase "least restrictive enviornment" is "that allows the child to *learn* at the level at which *she* needs to be taught!"I've been learning so much about how retained reflexes affect our ability to learn. (Reading Sally Goddard's "Reflexes, Learning and Behavior", which is about the major theory behind Neurological Reorganization.) What I get over-and-over is that academic ability depends on pre-academics being firmly in place. If a child can't sit upright, she isn't going to learn how to write. If a child's eyes can't track well, she isn't going to learn how to read. If a kid is smart enough, he can learn how to compensate, but the difficulties remain. For example, I cannot spell worth anything. Because I do not see all the letters in the words. Because I learned to read before my corpus callosum was strong enough.Perhaps, just perhaps, if the school doesn't understand how attachment problems and hair-trigger fight-flight-freeze affects a child's ability to learn, perhaps you can stress that developmentally Hope still needs to go through all the stages. Her brain is not ready yet. It sounds mercifully like it will be, but she still needs to play with blocks and shape-sorters and other toddler things. (And, , do some major creeping and crawling around. And it is amazing how much the vestibular system is tied into that early-brain-learning.)Sorry they are doing this to you. Don't feel special. They do it to everyone.

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