God is Good

Today we met with a highly recommended therapist, about an hour away. We spent time with her and covered a wide range of topics.
The net is:

  • Hope has RAD.
  • She suspects Hope was sexually abused before she developed language. 
  • We are fighting an uphill battle.
  • It will be a long battle.
  • She reinforced that I was on the right track.

We are on a waiting list to meet with a new psychiatrist about both girls. She is an hour away, but that is much closer than the 2 1/2 hours it takes to get to Manhattan. At this point, all we have agreed to is talking to her.

We met the therapist at a good point for us. The Dad and MK were making me feel like the mean, wicked  stepmother. She validated that what Hope needed and what GB needed were different. The Dad is going to try to explain how the two girls needs are different, but I am skeptical- MK only sees black and white. So our Saturdays will be mostly taken up with seeing the AT. I am pleased to have found a therapist who got it- only 6 weeks since Hope has been home.

2 thoughts on “God is Good

  1. Our psychiatrist has the same 'suspect' regarding Miss M and abuse occuring before language, she also has the same acting out that you have mentioned that Hope has.I am glad that you have found a good support person! So important!

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