Little bit of progress…

Hope woke up like a grizzly bear this morning. Fortunately, it was a two parent morning. The Dad took care of Hope, GB took care of herself, and I got to shower and dress while giving out medication and checking teeth. I took both girls downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast, GB and I sat down to do her hair. I told Hope to put her sneakers on (gym day), Hope walked over and said “You stupid, Mommy” and hit me in the face. That could be considered progress, since she didn’t bite me, but it was better than that. I said “Hope, we do not hit. Time out chair NOW”. Hope said “NO”. Instead of picking her up and carrying her to the time out chair, which is when I frequently get bit and she goes off, I said,”if you are not in the timeout chair by three, you will be in a cold shower”. I got was far as two and she was in the chair. It is a first!

I am so thankful we meet the AT tomorrow đŸ™‚

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