At the Five Week Mark…

  • The physical aggression is almost exclusively aimed at me.
  • The rages that used to be are now tantrums under her control.
  • Hope has the beginnings of abstract thought. If she had age appropriate language skills, she would test off the charts. She doesn’t.
  • When I realized it has only been five weeks, I was amazed. It seemed as is it had been much, MUCH longer. She has made an amazing amount of progress in that short time.
  • I am getting unsolicited hugs, occasionally, in between the manipulating games.
  • She will read, build and play games with me.
  • Raising special needs kids is hard, adding a new one makes it harder, having MK in the house critiquing my parenting is the hardest of all. I have kept control of myself so far. I am praying regularly that I will be able to continue to let her roll off my back.
  • I do not know how to respond to the level of sexual acting out Hope is exhibiting.
  • The adoptive family from Texas wants to talk to her and send her birthday presents.

6 thoughts on “At the Five Week Mark…

  1. You're an incredible mother. To hell with the previous so-called parents. Hell to the naw with talking and presents. Keep them safe till she settles. Tooooo sooon.

  2. agreed too soon. Did the previous family inform you of the sexual acting out? Is it only with herself or is she attempting to involved others? Sounds like you are making awesome progress!

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