My Horrible Awful No Good Day

This is my litany  of woe. If you aren’t into woe at the moment, feel free not to read this post.

GB’s pediatric dentist appointment was this morning. Since she was being sedated, she couldn’t eat this morning. GB, without the timely infusion of food, is never pleasant. She also decided that while the new dentist was better then the old one, there was no reason to see any dentist. It takes us an hour to get to Albany and GB whined and complained and told me all the things she wasn’t going to do today.

When we arrived at the office, they immediately  gave her the first sedative. She spent 45 minutes trying to play Super Mario 2. She can make the character run, she can make the character jump, but she can’t make it do both at the same time. She was getting very wound up. She doesn’t like to lose.  As the sedation started to affect her, she got wobbly and had an uncontrollable fit of giggles. When they took her downstairs, she wasn’t screaming or fighting. When she came back after the fillings and sealants, she was having a hard time walking and was belligerent and nasty. The short story was the first 2 sedatives they gave her were not enough, so they added nitrous oxide. Suffice it to say, she didn’t get any better.

When we got home, the house smelled of cat piss pee. D had started to change the litter box (good thing) and forgot to put out fresh litter. I did stinky laundry and tried to keep GB in one piece. Hope got off the bus at 3:45. She apparently did not like GB missing school, as she dumped her juice on GB’s snack. After a long, drawn out clean up process, I tried to play a game with the girls. GB just couldn’t do it. She suggest they play dress up and watch High School Musical. It sounded safe. I put the DVD on, while they got the dress up stuff out.

You know the glitter that is used to put names on Christmas Stockings? Red, green, silver, gold and really, really tiny? In the time it took for the opening sequence to finish, the two of them managed to take four large containers of said glitter (one of each color) and cover the family room- the rug, the couch, the chairs, and their hair with a glorious, merry sparkle. I have no words to describe the mess.

Besides cleaning up cat pee and trying to vacuum up glitter, the other highlight was trying to get glitter out of GB’s curls and Hope’s dreds.  The day is over.

8 thoughts on “My Horrible Awful No Good Day

  1. oh gosh! Bless your heart. I have been sitting here feeling like a deflated balloon since everyone went to bed, rehashing my day in my mind, bashing myself for my short-comings. I felt really bad for you reading about your day, and then I got to the glitter part, and wow, you get the award for the crummiest day. I HATE glitter. It never goes away. Getting it out of 2 little girl's hair? Now that deserves a huge treat for yourself. šŸ™‚

  2. Note to self: do not ever buy glitter. Another note to self: finish changing the kitty litter. I started yesterday but it was too stuck so I was letting un-stuck stuff sit on top of the stuck stuff. I'm sure it has a new layer of stuck now.But hey! At least1) your kids don't have picture day tomorrow (mine do) and2) you don't have at least 2 kids out from class for lice. I so didn't want to even send Mr P to kindergarten today!Idea: Add some glue and a lot of felt and pretend your family room is a gigantic stocking.If all else fails, little M will be eating that glitter up soon enough …(OK, I am over-tired. I get punchy when I am this tired. Hope something I said made you smile at least a little …)

  3. Yea for the day being over!!Ooh picture day, that would make it worse. My daughter cut her bangs down to the roots and an inch and a half back, plus the sides ofher cute page boy during the first week of Kindergarten. I think the entire bottle of shampoo on the living room carpet was pretty awful too.Mine love to leave the scoop in the litter box so I have one cat who chooses to pee on upholstered furniture instead.Lots of empathy, hugs and prayers!Mary in TX

  4. I am sure the day was awful, but I couldn't resist smiling thinking about the merry scene of glitterdom. šŸ™‚ Have a nice sleep, tomorrow is another day !

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