7 thoughts on “Correction!

  1. So happy birthday, sorry it was full of challenges. I just kind of want to do away with birthdays, and not cuz I have issues with getting older. I just can't stand the frustrations they cause. The kids birthdays are the worst. Anyway, yes, that reader also has no clue. I hate it when people with typical families try to say the stuff is normal. They have no idea what it is like. When you take a behavior that a "typcial" kid does, and have the same behavior in a child like ours, it is nothing like normal most of the time. BTW. You probably felt like you had added 3 years yesterday, that must be why you got the wrong age down!

  2. lolI won't tell you that I'll be 36 in three weeks. oops. i just did.aw hell, I've always gotten along better with women at least 15 years older than me. Never understood why. My therapist says I'm ganking for replacement maternal figures. I say I can't stand the 30 something mommies because they're irritating…. am I irritating? LOL

  3. Happy birthday to you … You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too! (Ha. Sorry. But I'm guessing you didn't even get this bit of normal not-so-niceness. Hey! Maybe Hope was trying to give you those 53 spanks in a creative sort of way …)Maybe the answer is that to celebrate your birthday, you don't call it that. Just say "Guess what! Today we get to have cake for desert! I told daddy to bring one home, so I don't know what flavor it will be. And today is my day to choose what we have for dinner … "I'm sorry you couldn't get hugs from GB. That sucks.

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