The Dad worked from home today, so the morning went a lot smoother. GB had a good day in school and Hope tried. She lost a rung on her “ladder” today, so she didn’t get a prize. She was eating pencil shavings. Never had that one before.

Ms Teacher is concerned because Hope has no academic skills at all. She wants us to work on academics at home. I sent a note back (I think a polite note) saying that we had many important things to work on at home, but we would do what we could.

There is a new Booboo post on my other blog.

6 thoughts on “Today

  1. Very interesting blogs. Lots of great reading. gives me lots of ideas to help with my little one. I'm pretty new at this blogging thing. Just set up my own blog today. I tried to get on your other blog and can't without your permission. Please add me to that blog. Nice to know I am not out there and all alone dealing with so many issues. Thanks,

  2. I've been a long time reader, but not a big commenter.:) I would love to read the old blog and was wondering if you would add me. Thanks!

  3. (ahm) Isn't special needs preschool a great place to work on learning academic skills? Actually, NO. Hope needs to work on the underlyling brain and physical skills — the stuff that comes before academics. And that is what I suggest you work on at home (if you aren't already). Sensory stuff, movement stuff. Cross-body work. Vestibular. Once that is in place, it seems that (unless she really is FASD or has had head trauma) she will start wanting to learn the academics and become much easier to teach. Mr P knew his alphabet (recite it and recognize letters) and could count to 20 (minus at least one number in the teens) before he started kindergarten. He also, surprisingly, had a reasonable pencil grip (despite not being much interested in coloring). He is a very, very smart child who did not have the necessary underlying skills. He is older than Hope. Read. Sing. Play "I Spy". Do Simon Says. Roll, jump, spin, creep on hands-and-knees. Hey, we do 15 seconds 8 times a day w/ Mr P and I think that vestibular work had the fastest benefits and has been very helpful academically.So, um, yea. I think I'd want to ask Ms Teacher does she really think that Hope is lacking in skills just because she hasn't been taught them, or might it be because she is not ready for them? (I suspect, however, that Ms Teacher will look at you like you are loony.)

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