Safely in Texas

After 2 1/2 hours in the car, 5 hours in airports,  and 4 1/2 hours  in airplanes, we are in Texas. GB was a real trooper and I kept my patience. It is 12:30 in NY and I am going to bed. Tomorrow we pick up Hope and she is ours.

5 thoughts on “Safely in Texas

  1. How awesome, following your story brings me back to the day the girls official/legally let me be their Momma. I hope that everything is quick and you are hope in your beds before you can blink. Sending happy thoughts your way.

  2. congrats. and best of luck for a smooth transition (or as smooth as could be expected)you had a long day…get some rest. you are going to need alot of energy from wednesday onward.

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