More Progress

We have, in theory, a visitation agreement we can live with. Now we need to see it in writing. I am feeling confident enough that today I ordered a new bed for the girls. In the beginning, Hope will have the lower bed in the little room. When it is safe and appropriate, Hope and her bed will share a room with GB, set up as shown in the picture. GB thinks the bedding in the picture is uuuugly. We found nice tie-dyed huggers (comforters made for bunk beds with elastic on the bottom) in  Wallyworld for $30 a piece (as opposed to the $685 they want for the set in the picture). A true bargain 🙂 Notice the top bunk has stairs for Ellie. GB didn’t think Ellie could climb a ladder!

3 thoughts on “More Progress

  1. yeah, i'm thinking of something similar for Sissy. now that her rages are at a lull, I feel safe to add reasonable furniture back to her space. NOT adding her back to WG's room, mind you. I'm toying with the idea of reassembling the bunks in WG's room (the girls' bunks are easily made into to twins and then reassembled as bunks) and then purchasing something like this set up for Sissy's space so she can have her desk and dresser under her loft and maybe there will be room for a slingback chair or something? I've only got 7×7 feet of space to work with … but for all of Sissy's progress, for WG's sake alone, I think the girls need to stay apart. If WG was the big sister, it would be ok, but WG needs some respite too.

  2. I have never seen a bunk bed with stairs, I like that! I also didn't know WM carried bunkbed bedspreads, I have heard of them, but never seen them. One of my biggest pet peeves with a bunkbed is trying to tuck their bedspreads.

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