Help- anybody know how to put a password on this?

I sent out the new url last night, but I can’t figure out how to password protect it.  Help would be appreciated.

MK is still bouncing and I need a safe place to blog.

5 thoughts on “Help- anybody know how to put a password on this?

  1. Haven't a clue. I don't even know how to link. I'm old and cranky and learning new technical things is hard. In any case, if you do add a password please give us some warning so we can ask to be included. It would be cruel to leave us hanging and your patience and ability to put up with so much is an inspiration, and fascinating.

  2. Another way about this would be to 1Go to blog dashboard2Select Blog 'Settings' for whichever blog you wish to restrict others from viewing3Go to Permissions4Under 'Blog Readers: Who can view this blog?'5Select 'Only people I choose"

  3. To make your blog private, log in, click on settings, then the very last tab will be permissions. Click on it, then it will give you the choice to let anyone see it, or only the people you choose. Click on only the people you choose, then you will need to enter the e-mails of everyone you will invite. That will put it private, and then people will have to follow the link, log-in, and it will activate their subscription.I want you to add me! My e-mail is

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